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Valentines and Virality – Stop the Presses Hangout

Stop the Presses! is a monthly live webcast produced by the Center for Story-based Strategy, co-sponsored by the United Workers Congress, and hosted by Joseph Phelan. The program pulls together organizers, leaders, and communications experts to look at communications lessons from … Continue reading

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When fear is the target, Courage is the result

Days before a bus filled with undocumented people and their allies was to take off from Phoenix, Arizona, one rider was interviewed by the New York Times. The reporter asked, “Last month when I interviewed you, you wouldn’t tell me … Continue reading

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Interconnectedness Means Fight

Last month, powerful images of people meditating amidst police violence during the waves of Occupy protests caught widespread attention. The fact that practitioners of meditation or Buddhism would be drawn to the rallies is not a non-sequitur. In fact, the message … Continue reading

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Three Reasons Why I Love Occupy Wall Street.

Since September 17th, an enormous amount of public momentum and critique has been generated by the emergence of Occupy Wall Street and its replication in hundreds of cities across the country.  Since so much already exists regarding anti-oppression and the … Continue reading

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More to be Proud of: Visionary Organizing (and Gender) Crosses Borders.

When we work from a place of visionary organizing, we fast forward ourselves to a prophetic future and transcend current politics. We create moments for transformation instead of conflict.

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Chicago, We’ve Only Just Begun

This mayoral election marked the first time in over 20 years that Chicagoans had a real voice in our elections and real chance to shape city-hall politics outside of Daley’s machine.  The crowded field narrowed and a true reformer was … Continue reading

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StoryTelling for a New Tomorrow

Published with Opal Tometi at Organizing is the process of retelling our lives with ourselves scripted as the protagonists instead of objects in an unjust world who’s future is up for grabs. If our inactivity is a result of … Continue reading

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Today’s Fight for Our Morale, Tomorrow for Our Future.

Last night was demoralizing. Watching election results was crushing.  For those who hadn’t totally come off the hopium of 2008, this was quite a crash. Though the pundits opined that it reflected more an attitutude than an ideology, the shift … Continue reading

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