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When fear is the target, Courage is the result

Days before a bus filled with undocumented people and their allies was to take off from Phoenix, Arizona, one rider was interviewed by the New York Times. The reporter asked, “Last month when I interviewed you, you wouldn’t tell me … Continue reading

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More to be Proud of: Visionary Organizing (and Gender) Crosses Borders.

When we work from a place of visionary organizing, we fast forward ourselves to a prophetic future and transcend current politics. We create moments for transformation instead of conflict.

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Asa – Jailer (Attica/Arizona Mix)

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Arizona to Nativist Lobby, “Stop Cheating On Me.”

State Feels Spurned by Anti-immigrants’ Expanded Focus “I used to be Tanton’s one and only,” Arizona sobbed in a confessional interview last week, speaking of John Tanton the head of the FAIR network responsible for today’s anti-immigrant climate.

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Turning the Tide: Migrant Rights, Barrio Defense, and New Directions

Originally published by Left Turn Magazine. Dec. 2010 These days people are scared. Whether it’s fear of big government or job loss, immigration raids or foreclosure, socialism or fascism, police violence or terrorist attacks, cap and trade or ecological collapse, one … Continue reading

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French Ask for Return of Statue of Liberty

End of United States’ ‘World-Wide Welcome’ Prompts Request 12.09.2010 – New York, NY 2010 may mark the year of international embarrassment for the United States. For the first time, this year marked the President submitting findings to the United Nations … Continue reading

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Sea Captains Learn Babies Make Bad Anchors

Following the press conference of Arizona state legislator Russell Pearce in which he offered his amendment to the constitution to deny citizen ship to “anchor babies” or rather the first generation citizens born in the US, the Nautical Association of … Continue reading

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