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Valentines and Virality – Stop the Presses Hangout

Stop the Presses! is a monthly live webcast produced by the Center for Story-based Strategy, co-sponsored by the United Workers Congress, and hosted by Joseph Phelan. The program pulls together organizers, leaders, and communications experts to look at communications lessons from … Continue reading

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A Life of Lessons in David Gilbert’s “Love and Struggle.”

For organizers and students of history too young to have touched the 1960s, that decade holds a mystique that David Gilbert’s Love and Struggle does wonders to make real. Bernardine Dohrn, former Weather Underground member and now juvenile justice advocate, says that … Continue reading

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Seattle to Phoenix: A Ten Year Movement Update

I’m humbled to have this essay, written two years ago in the Fall of 2010, included in the astonishing anthology We Have Not Been Moved and grateful to Matt Meyer for being its editor and main encouragement. You can order the … Continue reading

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An End to Self-Care

I’m going to say it. I want to see an end to “self-care.” Can we put a nail in self-care’s coffin and instead birth a newer discussion of community care? As I most often hear it, self-care stands as an … Continue reading

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When fear is the target, Courage is the result

Days before a bus filled with undocumented people and their allies was to take off from Phoenix, Arizona, one rider was interviewed by the New York Times. The reporter asked, “Last month when I interviewed you, you wouldn’t tell me … Continue reading

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Grief, Compassion, and Vision: Reflections on Brueggeman’s Prophetic Imagination

Writing in 1979, Walter Brueggeman turned to the old and new testament to reflect on the role of a prophet in a society he observed of waning social movements and a rising cynicism. What he shares in the Prophetic Imagination … Continue reading

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Barrio Defense: How Arizona’s Immigrants are Standing Up to SB 1070

Update, June 25: Today the U.S. Supreme Court ruled much of SB 1070 unconstitutional, but upheld the law’s most controversial provision: the so-called “show me your papers” component, which directs police to check the immigration status of those they suspect might … Continue reading

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Path of Intimacy 2: Conflict Resolution in the Context of Your Relations

This gallery contains 26 photos.

As a follow-up to Path of Intimacy 1, I published a second issue focused on how to deal with conflicts within relationships. “If intimacy is fueled by a drive to reveal ourselves to our partner, than conflicts are opportunities for … Continue reading

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After Discovery of 1,100 Year Old Mayan Site, State of Georgia to Rescind Anti-Immigrant Bill

“This is a little embarrassing to admit,” began Governor Deal at an official press briefing. “it turns out, contrary to popular belief, the state of Georgia was not founded in 1732. It has been around much longer than that.”

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Path of Intimacy 1: Finding & Sharing Yourself in the Context of Your Relations

This gallery contains 22 photos.

This is a ‘zine I published through HooRay Books in 2009. Because of demand, I’m making it available on-line.

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